Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants are a very romantic gift and giving or receiving a diamond pendant is a true sign of love. Diamonds pendants are second only in popularity to the diamond ring as they are extremely versatile and can be work on every occasion. When you wear a sparkling diamond pendant around your neck everyone looking at you will, at least for a few seconds, notice its sparkle. There are endless types of pendants and the design you choose will probably depend on your taste and your age.

More info on diamond pendants

The 3 diamond pendant is becoming very popular The 3 diamonds represent the past, present and future of the couple’s relationship.  These pendants can be use 3 similar sized stones or 3 completely different sized stones and are set with the smallest to the largest stone.

A 3 stone pendant using fancy color diamonds instead of the traditional with diamond will enable you to own a totally unique piece of diamond jewelry.

Often nowadays women buy these pendants for themselves as they are proof of their strength and history. Many women are self-sufficient or are even the main bread-winners and they no longer need to wait for a man to buy them an expensive gift as they can afford to buy one for themselves.

Very often a pendant will match your earrings, so why not read a little about diamond earrings.

Choose your favorite fancy colored diamonds from our diamond stock and our jewelry designer will be happy to assist you to create your own custom-design.

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